Indiana Rivera

Co-Founder, CEO

Digital Marketing Expert

Branding Strategist

Nancy Díaz

Co-Founder, COO

Graphic Design


Alexander Schonken


CRM Administrator

Miguel González


Website & Mobile Designer & Developer Adviser 

Celine Rivera


Video Production


Rodrigo Díaz


Concept, Design & Animation

 Indiana was afforded the opportunity to meet a fascinating graphic designer

who had the work ethic unlike she had never seen before,

coupled with the creative juices she could hardly contain, Nancy Diaz.


Indiana & Nancy were brought together to work on a project where Indiana was the Sales & Marketing Director and Nancy the Graphic Designer for the team. Our portfolios continued growing and we were sought after as a powerful marketing duo.


Well, it was obvious to the both of us after 6 years and many successful projects that one day we would work together on our own venture... and this is how

Nindy Design Studios was launched.


Nancy + Indy = Nindy.


We blended our years of experience in sales, marketing & graphics, combining our talent, creativity, and expertise with other amazing, talented and outstanding team members! 

Let Nindy Design Studio bring your Business Vision to LIFE!

Santa Cruz, CA

(650) 597-2050

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