Indiana Rivera

Co-Founder, CEO

Digital Marketing Expert

Branding Strategist

Over the course of my diverse career, I’ve established myself as a top performer who consistently surpasses performance expectations. Whether it’s increasing revenue, expanding brand awareness, developing strategic marketing campaigns, or acquiring new customers, I’m an extremely dynamic professional with a proven track record of success in highly competitive markets. 


With over 40 years of sales experience, I know what it takes to close a sale learning quickly that your marketing tools can either assist or hurt the close. This is why I have chosen to get involved in marketing. Once I got involved in marketing, I was hooked. I wanted to have a say on the very tools I needed to close a sale. I fully emerged into the world of digital marketing, photography, social media, awesome taglines and website development all from the perspective of a salesperson, keeping the end game in mind and the art of the sale in mind.  At the end of the day, we are all looking for clients and customers, keeping the cycle of business going and the heart of the entrepreneur beating.


Allow Nindy to bring YOUR business VISION to LIFE; you will be glad you did.

I’m passionate about helping small businesses communicate their value through design which is user-centered, delivers functionality and is aesthetically pleasing. As a Graphic Designer with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and International Business plus an MBA, I’m able to balance creativity with the practical aspects of marketing. Being fully fluent in English and Spanish (Also certified as an English Teacher!) usually means I work on projects with global, multi-national impact.


I provide graphic design services to create the following product and marketing assets:

  • Corporate/brand identity, including logos, business cards, invoice and letterhead designs, email signatures, and branding guidelines/identity manuals.

  • Marketing collateral, including flyers, posters, postcards, website concepts, digital ads and videos with illustrations.

  • Social media assets, including covers, post templates and individual images for posting.

  • Mobile application interface and mobile game designs.

Nancy Díaz

Co-Founder, COO

Graphic Design


Alexander Schonken


CRM Administrator


For as long as I could remember and ever since I could hold myself upright in an office chair, I have been working with computers. This long history and familiarity with computer systems have paved my future with a road to keep learning more skills and honing the ones already learned.

I am a full-time student currently attending UCSD in pursuit of a bachelor’s in Computer Science. With a degree in computer science, I plan on finding a career in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency/blockchain programming, or building video games.

As my goals show, I am a hard-working individual who isn’t satisfied with an assigned project until every aspect is as perfect as I can deliver. This mentality is prominent in my work for Nindy Design Studio, just as it is for every other aspect of my life. 

"We are blessed to have him on our team at such a time as this. Sometimes he is a student, but most times he is a teacher!"

I am passionate about new technologies and the possibilities they offer. Always on the lookout for newer and better solutions. If that fails, I create them on my own.


I'm an expert software (desktop & mobile) designer and developer with 15+ years of experience. Seeking to enhance software systems excellence with the last trending technology tools such as Angular JS, VUE, Meteor and React.


I have a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.

I am a co-founder partner of Aluxoft, Research & Development Company, where I have worked with global and multi-national clients.


I love to read, drink coffee and hunt unusual, creative and amazing projects that are out of the box. So don't hold back with your wildest ideas and let us bring your project to life!

Miguel González


Website & Mobile Designer & Developer Adviser 


Celine Rivera


Video Production


I am a storyteller. Getting to the heart of a story through music, photos and film have been my passion ever since I got my hands on my first camera. I was just 9 when I first started playing the piano and now I am a classically trained pianist. Soon after, the ocean called my name & I took my first surf lesson and I was hooked! Spending 8 hrs per day in the water. Surfed my way up to VP of my HS surf team. We earned our varsity letters as freshmen and took first place many times.


My other TRUE love is my love for are dogs. They call my name and I melt. I am blessed that from my love of dogs 'WOOF' was birthed and I get to take care of these four-legged creatures and get paid for doing so.


Coming from a large family and having had the privilege of traveling extensively through Europe & all over our beautiful America, I have earned a keen eye for natural beauty and capturing it in its pure essence on film. Meeting new people from different cultures is to truly see yourself. All these experiences have lent themselves to the art of filming. Energized by collaborating with others, laying out storyboards, setting up the 'money shot' and editing to perfection is a natural high for me.

As a product designer, I love to combine art, science, & technology. I design usable, functional & delightful digital and physical products. I like building a bridge between the user's needs and their business goals.

I earned a bachelor's degree in Product Design from the Modelo University, in Mérida, Yucatán, México. I've won several awards for my innovative concept product creations, including my thesis degree project called: "A Home for Everyone", which combines tradition, modernity, and practicality inside furniture line for all ages. My project was published in several newspapers and online media channels, my furniture also traveled around the city as part of an academic exhibition. I decided to start a small business with a co-worker to concept, design and produce handcraft henequen lamps to empower Mexican culture and artisans.

I also participated in The SYA Project (#thesyaproject) with Mexplorando company by creating the final identity logotype, taking part in the photo shoot sessions and photography edition, filming, editing and designing the marketing video, posters, and social media advertising.


I enjoy every single aspect of design, from graphics, media, animations to the most simple yet complex product creation.

Rodrigo Díaz


Concept, Design & Animation


 Indiana was afforded the opportunity to meet a fascinating graphic designer

who had the work ethic unlike she had never seen before,

coupled with the creative juices she could hardly contain, Nancy Diaz.


Indiana & Nancy were brought together to work on a project where Indiana was the Sales & Marketing Director and Nancy the Graphic Designer for the team. Our portfolios continued growing and we were sought after as a powerful marketing duo.


Well, it was obvious to the both of us after 6 years and many successful projects that one day we would work together on our own venture... and this is how

Nindy Design Studios was launched.


Nancy + Indy = Nindy.


We blended our years of experience in sales, marketing & graphics, combining our talent, creativity, and expertise with other amazing, talented and outstanding team members! 

Let Nindy Design Studio bring your Business Vision to LIFE!